EIPG in collaboration with PIER and UCC School of Pharmacy is organising a webinar on the topic of 'Insights into the Industrial Pharmacist of the Future' on Tuesday 14th November 2023 (4pm). 

Overview of Webinar

The EIPG report Advisory Group on Competencies for Industrial Pharmacists aims to raise awareness of the exciting changes in requirements for the profile of an industrial pharmacist at any stage in their career. We should also like to engage with academics working in the various faculties of pharmacy throughout Europe. Newly observed trends in drug science and technology and the opportunities and challenges that are likely to arrive will be considered. The target of the project is to determine the roles where the industrial pharmacist will work in the future and what knowledge, competencies and skills are needed for these future roles. It is a shared understanding that there are gaps in the current curricula, but academia cannot cover all the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the Advisory Group have made some proposals to recognise and fill these gaps. The pharmaceutical industry is deluged with various challenges that are likely to influence the future of our planet. Unpredictable conditions such as pandemics and geopolitical instability as well as novel introductions in personalised medicines and advanced manufacturing technologies will continue to shape the healthcare environment. Pharmacists, as professionals in healthcare, must continually update their professional performance and develop new knowledge, competencies and skills in order to effectively support patient care.

For further information including registration link, see Insights into Industrial Pharmacist of the Future flyer_14 Nov 2023



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