In 2017, PIER ran a six month pilot mentorship programme for experienced pharmacists working in patient-facing roles and early industry career pharmacists. Twelve pharmacists participated (8 patient-facing and 4 industry based). The pilot was supported by an external consultant who assisted with the development of a framework for this initiative. Based on the positive feedback and successful outcomes of the pilot, PIER is planning to roll out another programme in 2018.

Patient-Facing Pharmacists
We are now seeking expressions of interest from mentors and mentees for the follow-on programme focusing on patient-facing pharmacists initially to commence by 1st July 2018. 

Mentor Volunteers: Support / Guide
We are looking to establish a panel of experienced industry based pharmacists who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have at least five years experience in a number of industry/regulatory roles with some management experience.
  • Can commit to supporting a fellow pharmacist make the transition into an industry role. The time commitment is envisaged as one face-to-face meeting/t-con initially and one monthly meeting/call for a period of six months. 

Mentees: Professional Growth
We are seeking expressions of interest from patient-facing pharmacists only who are looking to make the initial transition into an industry role. A limited number of mentee spaces will be available which will be allocated based on the number of suitable mentors that come forward. The criteria for involvement include:

  • Minimum 3 years qualified.
  • Based in Ireland.
  • Be committed to making the transition into an industry role.
  • Be willing to work positively with an assigned mentor. 

Expressions of Interest:
We are asking both interested mentors and mentees to contact PIER to express interest in the 2018 programme by Monday 11th June 2018 (email: 

Mentors: Please outline your industry and management experience to-date. 

Mentees: Outline your experience to-date, the area of industry of interest and a few lines outlining why you are interested in a career in industry. 

Early Career Pharmacists
Once the patient facing pharmacists programme is up and running, the PIER committee considering rolling out a separate programme for early career pharmacists (i.e. someone with at least 2 years industry experience) to comments by Sept/Oct 2018. If interested in acting as a mentor or mentee on this programme, please email also. 


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